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Patients with Disabilities

Every patient is special, but some patients have special needs.

One of Dr. Wittenauer’s greatest joys is working with special needs patients. It takes a kind heart, gentle touch, patience and skill to be able to treat the patients with mental or physical disabilities or extreme fear and anxiety.

We dedicate all the needed time to give each patient the individualized attention they deserve. For the majority of patients with special needs, their treatment can almost always be completed in our office, eliminating the need for a surgical center or hospital dentistry. We accomplish this treatment with the assistance of Dr. John Schwab, a board-certified anesthesiologist who performs IV sedation, giving us an incredibly peaceful environment to practice in.

If you have a special need, whether it be a mental or physical disability, or a degree of fear that prohibits you from scheduling with a dentist for needed care, give our office a call. We are very experienced in handling all types of needs and can help you get the treatment you deserve!